About C&D Services (UK) Ltd

Customers are at the heart of everything we do; We aim to provide great customer service and we achieve this through services such as off site mobile estimates, free collection and delivery, outstanding key to key times and by keeping both the insurance/fleet company and the policyholder informed as to the progress of the repair throughout which is managed through the Autoflow management system.

Thatcham manufacturer methods and procedures are followed on every repair. All of our Technicians and VDA are fully compliant and up to date with all the latest repair techniques ensuring a safe and accurate repair, and that the most economical and least intrusive repair is used meaning costs are kept to a minimum and cycle times are kept as short as possible.

We provide mobility solutions to suit customers needs. A group A courtesy car can be supplied free of charge, and we can offer a range of competitively priced upgrades for customers that require them.

Customers will be provided with a realistic estimated completion date based on the complexity of repair and delivery cycles for manufacture parts. Removing inconvenience and stress as far as possible.

Friendly staff members are available throughout the repair process to offer guidance and information. We use a range of communication methods such as Telephone, E-mail and SMS to keep you updated as much as possible. You will receive a courtesy call shortly after repairs to check you are satisfied with your vehicle and any repairs are fully guaranteed for five years.

In the unfortunate event that a vehicle is beyond economical repair we will continue to manage the process and offer advise free of charge.

C&D Services is proud of its achievements in retaining customers and this success has justified the effort expended over the years.

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